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Product Design

We are passionate about product design. Our goal is to bring innovative concepts to products through cutting-edge design and technology; benefiting the end-user by helping to make their lives more productive and self sufficient while having the lowest negative impact on the planet and it’s inhabitants.

Rapid Prototyping

We use the latest advances in Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing in order to efficiently solve problems, experiment with designs, and improve functionality on our products while keeping costs down; making the highest quality, yet affordable product with the lowest environmental impact possible.


Part of our goal at genshi.lab is not only to produce products for the everyday consumer, but to create solutions for those less fortunate that would normally not have access to these types of technologies. We will be dedicated to bringing these solutions to third-world nations at no charge to them. We live by the concept that as we move forward, we provide the means to empower those that otherwise do not have access. Our purpose; to make information available to everyone, which ultimately empowers people to help themselves.

Our Vision

Our first product, the genshi.box, is a direct result of Genshi.lab Founder and Product Architect Craig Anthony Perkins' belief that everybody in the world should have access to the world's information via free internet access, while at the same time having complete control of their own digital life.

Their photos, files, personal information all in their own hands, safe and secure; not on some corporate server (a.k.a. "Cloud") where their information can be sold to advertisers, stolen by hackers or spied upon by over-reaching governments.

genshi.box is "Disruptive Innovation". It will change everything... and we here at genshi.lab are committed to making our world a better place for all.

Work | What we are currently working on.

Project: genshi.box


Tasks:  Personal Social Networking Appliance


Description: The genshi.box is your very own

Personal Social Networking Appliance. It’s as simple to use as logging into your current social networking site.


You can post what you are currently doing or thinking about, upload your family photos or links to your favorite videos; everything you currently do with your social networking page you can do with the genshi.box.


The difference is, no one can sell your information to advertisers or use your information to spam you, because all of your information... your photos, your links, your entire digital life, is all stored right there on your own personal web server that YOU control, not on some corporate server or “cloud”.


In addition, we're hoping to launch stage two of the genshi.box solution shortly after the initial launch of genshi.box; bringing free internet access to all genshi.box users via our GenshiSat Satellite Network, but with no monthly fees and no advertisements, EVER!


Gallery | A glimpse of our first product, the genshi.box

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Email: info@genshilab.com



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